Slient Hero

What will be said of me

When I am no more?

Will the world go on

As it has before?


When I am buried

Among the thousands of others,

Will I be forgotten

Like my fellow brothers?


On Christmas Eve,

Will the poor miss my presence?

Will they remember the times

That I gave them presents?


In the park,

Will the birds miss my bread?

Or will they jut go

To another instead?


Will I be remembered

At least one day of the year?

Of my life,

Will children want to hear?


On their poles,

Will flags be half raised?

Will many a person come

To rest a flower upon my grave?


Will a memorial be named

In honor of me,

For the people of the world

To come and see?




When I die,

Will people care

Of whether or not

I am there?


by Phillip McCullough Jr.

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