The Poet

I stare at the vastness

of the blank, white paper

and contemplate

the creation of new worlds.


I am omnipotent.


Every thought travels

from the imagination of my mind,

through my soul,

and demands me to create my vision.


This is the laboratory

where I can experiment

with different galaxies—

from constellations to planets.


I am able to chisel

every mountain, canyon and stone.


It is I,

who is responsible

for the many shades of the universe.

It is my choice to paint the oceans blue

And the grasslands green.


And of nature,

I am the choreographer

that changes the seasons,

summons a storm,

or makes the leaves dance

within the wind.


Anything is possible

In this script

that I develop

for the many facets of life

that coexist within the universe.


For I am all,

and I am one.


By Phillip McCullough Jr.


A poet to paper is like God to the universe. 




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