Lingering Reality

Yes! That’s right! My skin is brown!
And throughout my life I have never found
Someone who is oblivious to a person’s color.
Yes! They have always been prejudiced in one way or another.
My ancestors built up “America, The Beautiful”,
And all the while, they were treated like animals.
Oh, yeah! My ancestors were not treated like men.
They were beaten over and over again.
Yes! Even the dogs were treated better than the slaves—
“God Bless America”—America be saved.

Can you believe dem niggers, Uncle Sam?
They’re speakin’ of civil rights. What a sham!
And we’s treated dem so well—lettin’ um wuk fo’ us and all.
I’ll tell ya…I’ll never understand dem colored folks at all.
You know what dey are? Dey’s jus’ downright hateful.
Not only dat, dey’s totally ungrateful.

My father has a great education,
So he landed a job with a large corporation.
He was one of the best salesmen in the company’s history,
But they kept trying to “keep him in his place,” you see?
This is the way that it has always been
In a country that is owned by only white men.

In the educational institutions, all I see
Are teachers who are not completely fair to me.
I deserve an A, and they give me a B
(In a country that professes equality).
But still, even the teachers discriminate.
Well, I guess that this is just a punishment of fate.

“I’m not prejudiced,” is what they state;
But try to take their daughters on a date.
Only then will the total truth be known,
When they tell their daughters to leave you alone.
Well, I might as well date my “own kind,”
Because the people of America will always be blind.

Oh yes! I shall never begin
To understand why the white man hates my skin.
But I shall persevere until the end,
Because I will strive for equality
In this country that is supposedly free…
Bah! ‘Tis filled with unending hypocrisy.

“Oh say can you see…” are the first few words
Of the “Star Spangled Banner” which is totally absurd.
I said it once; I’ll say it again:
The people of America will always be blind.
How can anyone see with a prejudiced frame of mind?

As awful and unpatriotic as it may seem to you,
I laugh at the thought of the “Red, White and Blue”
It symbolizes freedom, justice and equality
(But the flag doesn’t mean a thing to me).
It is just a piece of cloth that symbolizes words.
True freedom, justice and equality are totally absurd.

You keep us in check with discrimination.
You cause us anger and frustration.
You ask me why I am being “hostile,”
As you smile in my face, and all the while
You are trying to keep me down, I say.
But I shall continue the fight for freedom anyway.
Oh yes, I’ll stand proud and tall—
Even if the odds are a million to one—
I’ll fight you all until I have won.


By Phillip McCullough Jr.

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