The Illegitimate Precedent (The President that never was)

I cry for America.

For she has been raped by men

Who forced their will upon her

For their selfish ends.

Her will was of no consequence.

Each member of the pretentious faction

Declared their love for America

As they dropped their governmental robes.

And, one by one, they stole America’s virtue.

They, in their righteous hypocrisy,

Covered the mouth of America.

They silenced her voice.

And when some of America’s children

Attempted to appeal to their tormentors’

Sense of morality and justice,

Their pleas were ignored.

The hypocrites conducted their unclean acts

In full view of her children’s watchful eyes.

The dirty deeds culminated

With the birth of an illegitimate precedent.



by Phillip McCullough Jr.

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