Black! White! Church? Right!

Every Sunday, you hear the Good News
Among like-colored faces in the pews.
Does not your soul feel somewhat amiss
In your holy temple of monochrome bliss?

The Lord’s church—a sanctuary of piety—
Has become a reflection of an ugly society.
Racism can be a subtle sin,
But it will cause you to lose your soul, my friend.

To God’s will, are you truly committed?
Or by Satan’s deceit, have you been outwitted?
The place where you strengthen your spiritual education
May be Satan’s greatest tool to cause segregation.

Racial division lives within this worldly theocracy,
But the Lord may see it as shameless hypocrisy.
“A house divided, cannot stand.”
The principle is simple, yet the wisdom escapes man.


by Phillip McCullough Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. once called 11AM on Sunday Christian America’s “most segregated hour”.  Well, that truth still rings true today.  Racial division within the church is alive and well.

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