Black Man’s Eden

He was warned that he couldn’t have it,
Because if he did he’d surely die,
But that delicious, golden fruit
Became the apple of his eye.

Yeah, he had always heard,
“The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.”
But he would rather face the noose,
If nothing else but in his mind.
For that golden apple has made him blind.

Though that blackberry’s juice is rich and sweet,
The thought of sinking his teeth
Into that luscious, white meat
Is just a little too much for him to bear.
So, he really doesn’t have a prayer.

He answers the siren’s call
Regardless of the consequences.
For that tasty, golden apple
Has finally made him lose his senses.



by Phillip McCullough Jr.,

Sticky: The Phoenix

Like the mighty Phoenix, I will fly

Higher and higher into the sky

Straight from the blood of Mother Earth,

And spread my message, for what it’s worth.


by Phillip McCullough Jr.

I wrote this poem to remind myself to continue spreading my message of hope, love, equality, justice and unity even in the face of seeming antipathy, ambivalence, or just plain old apathy.