Help The Homeless

I am the uneducated

I am the unemployed

I am the ill or unwanted

My life seems null and void

I used to ask for help

But none would give an earnest answer

Now I ask myself why I’m treated like cancer

My health and body react to the changing of the seasons

But I’m forced to face the facts and forget about the reasons

On a quest for survival

Down unrelenting streets I roam

Cardboard’s sort of a revival

But a box is not a home



by Phillip McCullough Jr.

The Divine Garden

The earth is a garden

In which God plants seeds.

The good souls become flowers,

And the bad souls become weeds.


 by Phillip McCullough Jr.

 I believe that God granted us a great opportunity with our lives to leave a legacy.  And sometimes I don’t believe that we realize the profound impact that even what seems to be our most insignificant of actions can have upon our world.